What is Creative Business GURU?

We’re a team of three built upon the foundation of curiosity, experimentation, experience, and an extreme hunger for knowledge.  Creative Business GURU was created as a conduit to provide Business Owners – no matter where the business is at – the resources they need to take their dream from building, to executing, to achieving.

So, who are we?

Sterling Kent (Eskae)

From: Salt Lake CIty, Utah

Work Experience:  Writer, Solution Architect, Strategic and Tactical Planning Initiatives.  Most of my career has been in the field of solving business needs with technology solutions.

GURU Story:  I spent most of my childhood inventing and writing.  I was constantly trying out new things in unique and interesting ways.  I’ve written many books since I was a child, from an early age I fell in love with the power of word.  I believe the power to reach your dream audience relies upon your ability to communicate solutions that satisfy their dreams.  I have coached writers in finding their own style and reaching their intended audiences.

Passions: Writing, reading, learning, designing solutions, engaging with passionate people, and anything outdoors.  Hiking, camping, rock climbing, fishing, ATVs.  Family man!  I love to spend as much time as possible with my family.  I have 3 kids, ages 8, 5, 2, and one on the way!

Skillset: English Major at Grand Canyon University.  Coaching, process mapping, operations, data analyst, configuration analyst.  I meet with clients and communicate what Creative Business GURU can do for them.  Websites, process tuning, and end-to-end solutions.  We can map your dream business and help you achieve your goals.

James Jenkins aka JJ

From: Grew up on a farm in small town Nephi, Utah. Teenage years consisted for moving sprinklers and plowing fields etc.

Work Experience: Farm work, Call center, Designing Websites, Web Development, Managing Web Servers, Social Media Marketing.

GURU Story: “I enjoyed learning the trade of hard work on the farm but my career passion was elsewhere. I wanted to help businesses and people succeed with technology. I believe technology is meant to be used for good and has the capacity to help people be successful with their business”

Passions: Design, Planning “Seeing things through to the end”, Making Great Solutions, and problem solving at a high level.

Skillset: Web/App Design, Interaction Design, some print design, “graphics”, front end web development, server setup


Bryon Wheeler aka Konkop

From: West Jordan, Utah

Work Experience: Computer Programmer in many languages. Since I was 15 I worked in the computer industry programming in whatever language was needed.
GURU Story: Since I was very young my curiosity of technology lead me to destroy many things and build some things that were fairly dangerous. Since then computers came about and I learned all I could about them from the inside out. I found that I loved helping people and with my programming skill I could make people’s live so much easier. When Sterling & James came to me I knew together we could help make many lives easier.
Passions: “Learning how things work and helping people.  Because of that, I enjoy programming, machining (3D printing and CNC), Woodworking, and fixing almost anything. I also like the outdoors; camping, scouting, ATVs. Some passions that I should give up but won’t are fishing (yet to catch anything) and gardening (black thumb). And last but certainly not least my Family. I love my wife and my 3 beautiful little girls.”
Skillset: Graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelors in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Programming, Designing, and Inventing.

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